Cycling to work: charm or chore?

The alarm clock sounds, you don’t quite believe it. No, it can’t be, You rolled over and saw it was 3am like two minutes ago, how is it 7am all of a sudden?! When did that happen? Have all the clocks broken? Have all the machines gone down? It it Y2K? Is it FINALLY Y2K? PLEASE SAY ITS Y2K!

download (3)Its about time!

But it is not Y2K, its never bloody Y2K. You drag yourself out of that beautiful comfy place and into the shower, the roller coaster ride begins: too hot, too cold, too hot, too cold, too hot, too cold. Give up. As soon as you leave this supposed sanctuary the cold air is sneaking up and clinging to the water on your skin, you’re shivering and angry. Kitchen, kettle, fridge, food!


Ah Tuesdays…

WHERE IS THE MILK?! You bought the milk, you know it was there, there was enough, there was MORE than enough! How could someone do this?! Who could actually do this? What selfish and cruel individual would leave to a lonely, hungary, milkless morning? BAM! You hit the counter top BAM! You throw the spoon into the sink BAM! You kick the front of that stupid bin BAM! You push the unopened milk by the sink over…. BAM! You-wait the what? Ah, ah ok. So THERES the milk. Hmmmm, you must have left it out of the fridge, perhaps you can forgive those imaginary milk stealing housemates.

So you get the breakfast, you scoff it down, you pull on the work clothes that you don’t quite feel comfortable in (you haven’t got round to cleaning the ones you prefer, and people will probably notice if you wear them again, either from their memories or your smell) and you grab your bike and leave for work…… or do you? Do you grab the bike? Do you ride your bike? Is it how you want to start your day? Is it an exhilarating, invigorating, fun and healthy start to the day? Or is it a pain? Is it a horrible struggle that just compounds your morning misery. The question I’m always asking myself is: are the windy,wet and slow days worth it for the sunny, dry and fast days? Are they worth it for you? 

download (4)

What cycling to work definitely always looks and feels like. 

I’ve cycled to work every workday of my life, for the first 10 years of that, I was doing it because it was the only way I could get to these jobs, I had no car and could never afford one. Public transport was inconvenient and too expensive. And I didn’t trust it. Walking would take too long. And I found it boring. Since then though its been voluntary, I voluntarily cycle to work every day and some days I cannot for the life of me remember why…


Whats that falling from the sky? Oh yeah, the sad truth. 

When its rainy and cold and windy and dull its the worst. The worst way to start the day for absolute sure, but when its sunny and I’m feeling healthy its a joy. But should I get a car or a moped? I’m just not sure.

What do you reckon? Leave your two cents in the comments below.

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