Staycation time!

What are the main things you look for in a holiday? Somewhere warm? Relaxing? Adventurous?


Most Brits probably think about getting away to somewhere the sun shines a little brighter. The hotter it is, the happier we are – even more so if it means we can complain when we get home! It tends to be that more winter breaks are taken in the UK, perhaps to do some Christmas shopping on a mini break in Edinburgh or exploring the markets of London on a late summer weekend. But it’s easy to forget that the UK also has an amazing coastline, and many wonderful places to visit.


That’s why more and more people are opting for a staycation.


In the UK, including all of our various islands, we have a total of 19,491 miles of coast line. Now of course it’s not all picturesque, but a large proportion is! There isn’t anywhere in the UK which is more than seventy miles from the coastline, so for holiday-goers who love peninsulas, islands, coves, headlands and most of all beaches, there are plenty of places to go.


There are at least a thousand islands that make up part of the UK, and only 290 of them are actually inhabited all the time. Many of these have some outstandingly beautiful scenes, as well as plenty of lifestyle attractions to keep you busy for a few hours, or days.


These are some of the best coastal spots to visit in the UK.


Amusdarach in Inverness – a breathtakingly beautiful beach with clear views across the Isle of Sky, it is only one mile to the south of Morar. White sands and clear blue skies (on a good day) make it the perfect spot for a picnic or a bit of an adventure!


St Margaret’s Cove, Kent – Noel Coward once lived here, and then sold his house to Ian Fleming, creator of the British icon James Bond. The Royal St George golf course was the setting for a scene in Goldfinger, and the Red Lion pub a mile from the bay claims that he stopped there for a drink before flying to Switzerland. It’s also only 18 miles away from Calais – close enough to get a French mobile signal!


Woolacombe Bay, Devon – A beautiful beach for dog walking, you can visit the Woolacombe Bay Hotel for cream teas on pristine laws which stretch down to the ocean. There are lots of different walks available on the beach or through cliffs.


Rottingdean, East Sussex – Just to the east of rocky seaside Brighton, it’s an adorable little village just above the shore lie. Rottingdean is perhaps most famous for being the home of Rudyard Kippling and for being a smugglers haunt.


So why pass up the UK for somewhere hotter and more expensive? Save money and get to know your own country a little better this year on holiday.

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