The 5 Best Cycling Holidays In The World (And How To Get To Them!)

You’ve not cycled until you’ve taken on a route overseas.

Yes, there are plenty of great places to cycle within the UK, but if you’re looking for a real challenge then why not take your bike overseas?

Here are 5 of the coolest cycling trails we could find (with a little coda regarding how best to get there)!

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Besides being a wonderful place to simply travel through on foot, Vietnam is a simply gorgeous place to cycle too. The Ho Chi Minh trail is absolutely chock full of history, plus its surprisingly ride-able (although bringing spares and repairs is always a good idea).

cycling vietnam

Flights may be expensive, but once you’re there you can spend pennies on food and splash out on decent hotels to rest your weary head. Flying from Scotland is usually cheaper, plus you can save some extra dollar by booking your car parking for Manchester airport well ahead of time at a decent comparison site.

Dordogne Valley, France

You might not be travelling that far in real terms, to reach the seductively quaint reaches of the Dordogne; but you’ll feel like you’ve well and truly gone back in time when you set out on your cycle adventure here. Gorgeous architecture, stunning scenery and serene cycling make this a must ride.

dordogne cycling

You can either jet-set over there for a pretty decent price or, if you’re feeling truly adventurous, why not grab a ferry over there and cycle your way down to the Dordogne. Once you’re there it’ll be cheaper to camp than pay the exorbitant prices that most of the guest houses and hotels charge – much better to splash out sporadically on lovely meals and the occasional hostel.

Around the Sun Moon Lake, Taichung, Taiwan

The largest body of water in Taiwan, the local government invested a tonne of money into developing rugged wooden walkways skirting the entirety of the 18 mile route. There’s also an easier 7.5 mile route that cuts in an out of the lake – for those looking to really take it easy.

sun moon lake

Flights to Taiwan aren’t as expensive as you might first think. Similar to its Asian cousins, you can get some cheap deals to get you out there and once you’re there – you’re laughing – as the exchange rate is still kind to British pockets. It’s a bike friendly country, but don’t forget to take a decent helmet. The lake’s safe, but traffic can get hectic when you’re on the road!

The San Juan Islands, Washington, USA

Technically a part of Washington, the San Juan Islands is an archipelago situated just of the North West corner of the United States, between mainland Washington and Canada’s Vancouver Island. The cycling is rich and varied here, with something for all skills.

cycling san juan

Although you might miss the exotic nature of the other far flung destinations on this list, The San Juan Islands take the biscuit in terms of ease of access and travel. You can reach any of the big four islands via ferry or regional flights – if you’re in the area you can always grab a boat over from Seattle

Tulip Fields, Netherlands

Famously flat and virulently verdant, The Netherlands have long been a cycling destination for those looking to take a slightly smoother cycling holiday. Get out to the Tulip Fields and you’ll be surrounding by thousands of flowers (at the right time of year) and close to any one of the major cities.

cycling amsterdam

The Netherlands are easy enough to get to via plane, they’re cheap too when the time of year’s right (although that might not coincide with good flowering). Skip the flights altogether, save on cash, grab a tent and just cycle there. It will take a good 5 days or so, but it’ll be well worth the journey.

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